Heat Recovery Systems

for optimum fuel efficiency


HTG® Glass Recuperatores
Based on fifty years of practical field experiences the Prometheus HTG® Glass Recuperators have become a very efficient system. More than 800 recuperators have been installed worldwide comprising all types of glass applications, such as container glass, fiber glass, glasswool, C-glass, crystal glass, technical glass and TV-glass.

They all orginate from Walter Hartwig’s developed double shell recuperator installed either as a single unit or as units in serie. They could be used for furnace
capacities of 10 to 400 tons per day and provide an air preheat temperature up to 800º C.


Prometheus heat recovery system for:

  • Cooling of flue gases in the carbon black manufacturing process
  • HTG® glass furnaces
  • Steel and iron applications

A computer animation is showing the way of operation of a double shell recuperator.